February's Fantastic Frigid Five-Kilometer Challenge

Mon February 1 - Sun February 28 Columbus, OH 43215 US

As of January 9, 2021, all swag is sold out. BUT you are still able to join us for the month-long challenge without swag by using the "no swag" registration option.

Join us for February's Fantastic Frigid Five-Kilometer Challenge! A new name, you say? Let us explain. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the WORLD FAMOUS Fantastic Frigid 5K has a fun and dare-we-say-it LEGENDARY twist this year...it will be a month-long virtual challenge for the ages!!! Oh, and with legendary SWAG (neck gaiters and mugs) too!

This year's virtual challenge is UNPRECEDENTED and unlike anything that has ever been done before in the history of the world. OK, probably not true, but we had to hype it up somehow. We are encouraging some friendly competition throughout the month of February, and are offering up the possibility of competing for this challenge each and every day of the month! The premise is simple. Our goal is for you to get out the door and get some miles in each day. Ideally (and continuing on with the theme of the event *hint-hint*), we are encouraging everyone to go out (or stay inside on the treadmill, your choice!) and complete a 5K each and every day of February. This is simply a suggestion, not a requirement, and you can still participate in this extravaganza regardless of how far or how often you run or walk in the month. We are offering unique badges and achievements along the way, and those of you who have run or walked the Frigid in person will recognize some of the WORLD FAMOUS references hidden in the challenge (Woods of Death, anyone?). We will be giving away prizes for those who complete the most miles within the month of February (top male and top female), and we will also be randomly drawing prizes for those who complete at least five 5K's for the month (or a total of 15.5343 miles). To clarify, we will be calculating the "number of 5K's" that participants complete by dividing the total amount of miles that participants run by 3.10686 (this is five-kilometers converted to miles - yes, we are nerds). Sign up today! We're looking forward to having you join us virtually for another great Fantastic Frigid experience!

Normally, the Frigid 5K Series is held at the Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware, Ohio. While we cannot all gather at Stratford this year, we are encouraging everyone to donate to Stratford's fantastic cause! You can do so by going to the donate link on this site or adding a donation amount within the registration process. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Note: Registration closes on February 7, 2021. All Fantastic Frigid 5K swag will be mailed out to participants on February 8. There will be no in-person packet pick-up this year.

Race Contact Info

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How does the Challenge Work?

What is the Fantastic Frigid Five-Kilometer Challenge?

A virtual challenge is a multi-day (in this case, one month - February!), multi-activity (in this case, however many runs/walks you decide to do in February) where your activities get tallied up to aggregate together.

Okay, cool... but how does it work?

Step 1: Sign Up

You can't take part in the challenge if you don't register. So go ahead and smash that "Sign Up" button at the top of the page and then come back here to read more.

Step 2: Train

Sure, you could just start your running and walking on February 1, 2021, but you'll have a much better time if you go into the month ready to go with some training under your belt (and under the soles of your feet). How much should you train? That's really up to you. This challenge isn't a race, so you don't need to run or walk fast. It's about accumulating however many miles you feel like doing in the month, earning some badges for doing so (more about this below), and getting the opportunity to win prizes for getting in some miles (see above for more details).

Step 3: Run and/or Walk during the month of February

Get outside (or inside on the treadmill, we don't care!) and log some miles in February. The days are short, but the miles can be long if you want them to. Running and walking miles are both valid for this challenge. Biking, swimming, hopscotching, and horseback riding are all great activities but don't apply to your mileage totals.

Step 4: Report your mileage

To earn badges, be eligible for prizes, and most importantly... get your name on the results page you have to report your results. For details on how to record your activities, see our "How To Submit Your Activities" page. It's pretty simple, you'll get the hang of things very quickly. After each run or walk (or if you're like us... whenever you remember), you'll drop the mileage details into the results form. This will add that activity's mileage to your monthly totals, and you'll earn badges at points along the way and be eligible for prizes.


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